Thursday, December 17, 2009

[Poem]: Untitled 013

This just happened to keep me up tonight. It's completely unfinished but a definite start to something. I'm hoping to submit some poetry to the literary magazine at my University, so I figure I should get some material under my belt.


Maker-Breaker stands before me
in ever-looping segments of visage;
tossing, weaving, setting aside
the thousand pieces of tidal waves,
that disinclined to create themselves,
lay in rapture upon the stones

making amends, or rectifying the
courses, pathways, crossroads and trails
in which they once believed they did right.

And in the drowning and sputtering
of undaunted casualness, a body lies
its tendrils of sodden jade mane
entangling in the eddies that tumble
at the basin beneath my weathered feet

which knowing no journey to consume
lull themselves into the chant, hymn, descant
of the Breaker who calls for me to jump as well.

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