Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Plethora of Great Reads Part Deuce

Alright, here we go. Second Round! Even after having written this post, I already have more books to share, but as I am lazy, I'll have to post them at another time.

On a side note, you might remember awhile back that I was accepted into an MFA for Creative Writing. Unfortunately, the program is out of state and though I had hoped to drop everything and go no matter what, reality is not that kind. Luckily, I am in progress of getting into a doctorate program, but not getting this degree at this point is definitely heart breaking. I know that you don't need an MFA to be published, and that I am still working toward teaching college, but still, it's hard to have something you wanted no longer be possible.

On a good note, this has really kicked my writing butt into gear, because if I won't have a program to force me to write, then I need to write on my own if I ever want to go toward being published. SO, until then, I'm writing, looking for critique partners and reading, reading, reading.

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole
Kresley Cole is an author whose first area is adult fiction, and you can definitely tell when reading this sequel to Poison Princess. I must say, that Endless Knight is fantastic, but definitely a little intense and intensely sexy. My eyes had to be bugging at certain points, but all of those twists really made this book the awesome tale that it is. Beware as there are some sexually explicit scenes, but other than being intense, they are plot points that heighten the story.

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass
Oh man, this book. Centering around assassin, sassy-pants Celaena Sardothien, has definitely amped up since the last book. Without spoiling, I thought this series wouldn't have any fantasy, and it definitely does. Celaena and Chaol's relationship has definitely evolved, and I'm looking forward to finding out about how Celaena's past and all of the secrets will come to light. Read this!

The finale to the Gods and Monsters series does not disappoint. Perhaps my only sadness about this is that Ari's curse wouldn't occur for another 3 years and I would have LOVED for this series to happen during the time where the real drama would occur. Here though, we get to see all of the relationships fill out and see some hope! Again, wish I could have seen this happen a little closer to the deadline, but this series is a must for anyone who loves twisted mythology. 

Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan
Sarah Rees Brennan might kill my heart. The characters in this series make it and they go through so much STUFF that I just want to hug them and glare at the author for putting them through it. But the tension makes for some great story telling and I always look forward to the pain. There's a big shock in this book that changes the future for a few characters and the Lynburn family drama just gets better. If you haven't read the first one, DO IT. Then get this book, you won't regret it!