Thursday, October 28, 2010

[BIR] Glimmerglass and My Blood Approves

Here is the second part of this blog which I'm calling BIR or Books I've Read.

Because I am a book reading monster, I go through a lot of books very quickly, however, some I can't necessarily recommend in an academic sense, but I do think they are great fun reading for students and any YA fans. Therefore, once in awhile I'll have a post where I give some brief reviews of books I have recently finished...Ie, like I'm doing now.

Glimmerglass by Jenna Black

This book suffers from what I would refer to as "series disease". The author was probably asked to produce a 3 book series and therefore the events occur rather slowly and sometimes I wasn't quite sure where the plot was headed. The best part about this book is definitely the characters and their motivations. I'm really interested in seeing what happens with their relationships and what the Fey want with Dana. I just wish that more had occurred. This might be a personal preference on my part, but I like my novels to have a bit more action in them. I definitely suggest that fans of YA check this out and I do look forward to the next book in the series, Shadowspell.

When this book arrived in the mail, I was a little taken aback because I realized that I couldn't find the publisher anywhere in the book. Turns out this series (as well as the rest of her books) are self published, something that I'm not a big fan of ...but BOY, was I pleasantly surprised.
I really enjoyed the relationship between Alice and Jack, and the blossoming of their friendship into something more. The vampire mythology in this novel is also a mixture of many other authors, but also takes an interesting view point. The book has a lot of aspects (such as the structure of the family) that remind me of the Twilight Saga, but it also has a voice that is completely its own. I have actually been on the fence about recommending this as an academic reading suggestion, because near the end it does cover the ideas of choice, homosexuality and family that I felt were very powerful. I think I will have to wait to see how the rest of the series plays out before I flip this one into that category, but for now I'll leave it as a STRONG recommendation.
The next books in this series are, Fate, Flutter and Wisdom.

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