Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sometimes my brain explodes with Genius

Wheeeew! It's been awhile!

Graduate school has definitely inhibited my writing attempts. I tried, unsuccessfully, to do some private work with a professor on campus, however he didn't have the time.

I have had a breakthrough, however. There has been this story that has slowly, but surely, been taking root and growing in my head. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to write a story inspired by the idea of "the eyes are the window to the soul", taking this literally in which a character would have the ability to look into and manipulate the "soul" or "being" of another by looking into their eyes. The idea has floated, and drowned, for many years in my head.

Finally, I had a couple (or 5) characters finally come out of the woodwork. They are very new and still talking to me, but the story is forming. What is even more interesting is how this story is beginning to tie into Eyes on Fire. EOF is about Demons...this story is slowly becoming about Angels. I'm not sure if these two stories are part of the same world...however the characters feel very familiar and they may just be in the same world.

Writing is amazing to me. It was the same with understanding the character of Isaac, I just all of the sudden realize and thought "of course! Duh! THAT'S why." The pieces just seemed to fall into place, and the same has begun happening with this story. I'm going to be calling this story by the codename Windows to the Soul for future reference, or WTS for short.

SOOOO excited to get this started!