Thursday, December 17, 2009

[Poem]: Window

Found this while searching through some scraps from my poetry workshop a couple years back. Completely forgot about it and still love it. It needs work.


He only wants to escape
from the espresso cane of a woman
who, though blinded by age and wisdom
is a fighter, and a Believer
for a cause only sightless eyes can see.

If he could
he would sneak through the postern
of their ancient apartment building
like a bear through a waste can
sifting to find anything that was hidden
behind the oppressive bricks.

He could meander through the streets
with nothing to mar the sight
of the sea gray sky as the clouds
dip and curve and move and bend
beneath the sphere of the earth.

For when he gets there he finds
there is nothing, but ambivalent sky
and something like a bitter taste in the air
that swallows his tongue whole
with no creed nor care nor soft graze
and only chokes for the sake of the touch.

and so together, in searching they both
find the end and the mean and the path
through a window on the seventh floor
of the building where everything began.

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